Hunting Ground Studio B



  • Neumann KM74 vintage SD condenser mic

  • Audio Technica AT5040 Quad rect. diaphragm LD condenser mic

  • Beez Neez Arabella Producer mutli-pattern LD condenser mic (U47 inspired)

  • AKG C414/C12 capsule mutli-pattern LD condenser mic

  • AKG C451/CK1 SD condenser mic

  • Beez Neez “LULU” FET condenser mics (2x)

  • Audio Technica AT4047 FET LD condenser mics (2x)

  • Audio Technica AT4041 condenser mics (2x)

  • OPR ELAM251 multi pattern valve LD condenser mic

  • Sennheiser 441 dynamic mic

  • Sennheiser MD409 dynamic mic

  • Sennheiser E906 dynamic mic

  • Sennheiser E604 dynamic mics (3x)

  • Shure Beta52a dynamic mic

  • AKG D112 dynamic mic

  • Beyer Dynamic M88 dynamic mic

  • Shure SM57 dynamic mics (3x)

  • EV RE10 dynamic mic

  • Beyer Dynamic M-160 cardiod ribbon mic

Studio equipment


  • Allen & Heath GS3000 8 buss in-line recording mixer

    • 72 inputs / 8 buss

    • True dual in-line fader format

    • Two patchable valve preamps

    • Mute automation

    • Extremely high spec

Pro Tools

  • Pro Tools HDsystem with 32 I/O

  • Lynx Aurora 16 I/O interface

  • Apple Mac Pro (trash can) with SIX core Intel E5 processors


  • Quested H108 studio monitors

  • Bryston 4B SST amplifier 300W per channel


  • Aurora Audio GTQ2 MKIII dual channel (Neve 1073 type mic pre/EQ designed by Geoff Tanner)

  • Wunder PEQ-1 (custom pre)

  • MCI 500 dual channel mic pre/EQ

  • Auditronics 501 dual channel mic pre/EQ

  • Focusrite ISA 220 (Classic Rupert Neve channel strip)

  • Ampex A440C line amps (modified by Geoff Squires) (2x)

  • Tube Tech CL-2A dual channel tube/opto compressor (LA2 inspired)

  • Focusrite RED3 dual channel VCA compressor

  • Alan Smart C2 compressor with crush feature

  • Daking FET II compressor (2x)

  • Teletronix LA2

  • Urie LA4a compressor (2x)

  • DBX 162VU vintage stereo compressor

  • Symetrix 501 compressor/limiter

  • Valley People Dynamite stereo compressor/limiter